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the board

Murchison Sport, Recreation and Cultural Centre Incorporated (MSRCC) were established December 2002 in order to represent the community and to drive the process of establishing a multi-purpose community facility.

The Murchison Domain, on which the Centre is sited, was managed by the Murchison Recreation Reserves Board until 30 June 2009 following a resolution to transfer management of the domain to the MSRCC so that a more integrated management approach to the Centre and grounds could be established. At this stage, a number of members of the Reserves Board joined the MSRCC committee to provide greater continuity in the management.

MSRCC hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) September each year at which time the new Executive Committee is elected from the membership. Membership is open to people over the age of 18 years who live in the greater Murchison area and supports the objects of the Society. Membership must be confirmed at least 21 days prior to the AGM to confer voting rights.

The Executive Committee consists of a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary plus an additional five to nine members. The office bearers are elected from within the Executive Committee at the first meeting after the AGM. The local Ward Councillor is also an ex-officio member on the Committee.

The current Executive Committee members are:

Chairperson Tony Peacock
Vice Chairperson Michele Howley
Treasurer Michele Howley
Secretary Michelle Pointon Pugh
Julia Sara
Members Sue Cooper
Kathryn Mason
Allan James
Dyan Blick
Carolyn Williams
Phil Smith
Ward Councillor Stuart Bryant