conditions of hire


  1. Courtesy of other users
    All users of the Centre will take into consideration the rights of other users of the facility, in particular, in regard to noise and access to other parts of the facility.
  2. Courtesy of neighbours
    All users of the Centre must take into consideration the rights of neighbouring properties to the facility, in particular, need to take care not to disturb the neighbours when standing outside talking, exiting the building or leaving the car park, after 10.00 pm.
  3. Cleaning
    It is the hirer’s responsibility to leave the Centre in a cle an state with all rubbish removed from the building. For evening functions, cleaning must be completed by 9.00am the following day unless otherwise agreed. The cost of any rubbish removal or hire bins is to be met by the hirer. Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, floors to be washed, carpet areas vacuumed, toilets cleaned and kitchen area and appliances cleaned. If cleaning is deemed substandard, the cost of hiring professional cleaners will be deducted from the deposit. You may choose to hire cleaners (refer to booking form options). This is an additional charge that will be added to your final invoice.
  4. Setup
    It is the hirer’s responsibility to set up the area/s being hired as required. The hirer will also be responsible for the return of all furniture and equipment to its correct location.
  5. Bond/Deposit
    All casual bookings of the Centre will incur a $200 bond payable at the time of collection of keys. Any professional cleaning fees or payment for wilful damage, breakages or loss may, in the first instance, be deducted from the bond. Any expenses incurred in excess of the bond will be invoiced.
  6. Bookings
    All booking requests are subject to confirmation, which will be made in writing within two weeks confirming availability and costs.
  7. Cancellations
    If booking is cancelled with at least 2 months’ notice, the bond will be refunded in full and the hirer will incur no charges unless specifically noted in the agreement. Any bookings cancelled after this time may mean forfeiture of the bond. Any cancellation must be made in writing.
  8. Keys
    Keys issued must remain in the sole care of the person who signed for the keys and must be left in the key return box after locking the premises.
  9. Security
    The hirer will take responsibility for all areas opened by the hirer for the duration of the booking. The Centre takes no responsibility for the security of any items stored at the Centre throughout the hire and suggests that if any items or stock of value are left at the Centre that the hirer may wish to employ security.
  10. Smoking
    In accordance with the bylaws, smoking is NOT PERMITTED within the Murchison Sport, Recreation and Cultural Centre at any time.
  11. Fire Policy
    In the event that the New Zealand Fire Service attends to the Centre for a fire or false alarm, it is the hirer’s responsibility to pay any expenses incurred. In the event of a fire, if the hirer is found to be negligent or responsible in any manner, the hirer will pay all costs not directly met by the Centre’s insurance.
    All hirers must be familiar with the Centre’s evacuation procedures and nominate a warden to be responsible in the event of an evacuation.
  12. Payment
    Full payment of the hire fee must be paid within 30 days of being invoiced.
  13. Centre Care
    To assist with the on-going care and maintenance of the Centre we would prefer that shoes that may mark the floor, such as sprigs, are not to be worn inside the Centre. No confetti, rice or similar are to be used inside the Centre. If thrown outside, the area will need to be fully swept afterwards. No glass is allowed in the Sports Hall.
  14. Bar
    The Centre has an on license which enables the Centre to sell or supply alcohol for consumption on the premises. The bar must be shut by 1.00am and building vacated by 1.30am. No one under the age of 18 must be served alcohol. Drinking is only permitted inside (excluding the foyer and first aid room) and under the roofline of the verandah outside. All bar staff supplied are licensed bar managers. If you are planning to serve or supply alcohol, you have two options as outlined below:
    a. Full bar service – The Centre will supply all alcohol, bar staff and will clean up the bar area after the function. Payment is on a cash bar basis.
    b. Bar service – The Hirer supplies all alcohol and the Centre arranges for bar staff and will clean up the bar area after the function. Bar staff are paid for on an hourly basis.


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