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 Entire Centre (650 capacity) Kinzett Livestock Function Room (150 capacity) Pettigrew & Topping Sports Hall Lions Den Committee Room Tutaki Honey Kitchen Tasman Bar Public Domain Changing Rooms Sound System Data Projector

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For more details about bar options, refer to ‘Conditions of Hire’

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I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Conditions of Hire of the Murchison Sport, Recreation & Cultural Centre.

I hereby agree that in the event of any damage being caused to the Centre or any furniture, equipment or fittings or other articles or property belonging to the Murchison Sport, Recreation and Cultural Centre or Tasman District Council or to loss thereof during the period of hire of the Centre or any part of the Centre and/or Domain, that I will at my own expense make good all such damage or loss, and in the event of my failing to do so within seven days after the occurrence of such damage or loss, I hereby irrevocably licence and authorise the Murchison Sport, Recreation & Cultural Centre Incorporated to make good all damage or loss and hereby agree to indemnify the Murchison Sport, Recreation & Cultural Centre Incorporated and Tasman District Council against all proper charges and expenses in respect thereof.


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